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Classes 2020!

Explore your Metaphysical mind and have fun doing it!

Intro to Tarot

Have you had an interest in learning Tarot? Do you read Tarot? This class will help you connect with like minded brothers and sisters while learning how to read Tarot and to expand your knowledge about Tarot. 

This class is offered year around!


Intro to Oracle

Maybe Tarot conflicts with your religious beliefs. Maybe you are still desiring to learn The Art of Card reading? Angel / Oracle cards are a great tool to connect your intuition to your spirit guides. 

This class is offered year around!


History of Tarot

This class dives in to the history of card reading why it was used, how it's used today compared to hundreds of years ago. This is a great class for advanced Tarot readers wanting to learn more information about Tarot and its origins. We also explore the Myths behind Tarot and BUST them apart.

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Metaphysical Science - Certified

This is a great class for practitioners, energy healers, and others who explore various topics like crystals, numbers, herbs, mindfulness topics and meditation practices. Becoming certified in Metaphysical Science will encourage your self development and substance behind your credentials. Add to your expertise with this class in Metaphysical Science.

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Ordination - Metaphysical Clergy

Have you been called to serve as Clergy? Are you Metaphysical? Have you struggled to determine where to go to fulfill you're calling? This class will explore and guide you to complete your ordination with the knowledge base spiritually and set yourself up as a private practicing clergy member recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

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Coming Soon...

Dr. Klaus will be releasing his class and workshop offerings in January for the coming year. STAY TUNED!

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Looking for spiritual learning online or in person? you can! 

Learn, Love, and Live!

Spirituality is custom to each individual. But sometimes guidance is best as you desire to learn, to love, and to live your real life! 

Dr. Klaus offers on-line classes and learning opportunities with todays technology in addition to "in person sessions" at his studio. AFFORDABLE, PROFESSIONAL, DEPENDABLE.

Dr. Klaus can be your teacher and your guide. Contact him today!